Anemometer М-95М КК

Alarm anemometer for crane M-95M KK

Anemometer М-95М КК - foto N1

A digital alarm anemometer M-95M KK for the crane is designed to measure wind speed and determine the dangerous speed and duration of wind blasts in automatic mode. When they exceed a signal is generated for the executive anti-emergency devices. In the modification of the M-95M KK, the current wind speed rate is transmitted by the MODBUS RTU network protocol.

A digital alarm anemometer M-95M KK for the crane is designed for installation on the gantry, tower, frame cranes and other machines and mechanisms, on which the emergency situations are possible when wind speed is exceeded.

The operation principle of the digital alarm anemometer M-95M KK for the crane is based on measuring the wind speed and the time of the gust effect and comparing them with the accepted values (thresholds) predetermined for the given object. When the measured values reach the maximum permissible values, an actuating device (relay) is switched on for this object.

In the digital alarm anemometer M-95M KK for the crane, the signal from the wind speed sensor is transmitted via a "current loop" 4-20mA, which provides fidelity of the signal with a cable length of up to 1.0 km and allows the sensor cable to be routed together with power cables of the crane in one harness (a box, a flexible power lead) and exclude the appearance of false rate of wind speed.


Technical features of the anemometer M-95M KK


Wind speed measurement range, m / s


Wind speed error on a measurement, m / s

    up to ±1,0

Stability range of alarm threshold for exceeding wind speed, m / s


The operating level of the indicator ATTENTION [from the set value of the threshold for exceeding the wind speed],%


Setting range of the alarm threshold in time, s


    Wind speed transducer dimensions, mm

    diameter 200

 height 100

Digital display of wind speed measurement results with accuracy readability,

m / s


Sensor signal type

current loop


    Sensor cable maximum length, km


Journaled network protocols M-95-M KK

Modbus RTU

Output relay parameters

COM-NO 400В, 8А

COM-NC 250В, 8А

Weight of the device with sensor (without cable), kg


Overall dimensions of the device, mm

140х100х40 (panel)

Supply voltage, V

=24-250В, DC

24-230В, 50hz


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