Cable drums

Cable drum - handy & safe

The сable dropping has the form of a coil with a motor drive. It is used for automatical control wire rolling of hoisting-and-conveying equipment, electric cable, hoses.

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Cable drum: primitive forms

Hoisting-and-conveying equipment moves cargoes vertically, horizontally and work in a cyclic operation. The current feed goes through a cable to the moving elements of the structure, but it can be damaged. To avoid this, the free part of the cable is wound onto a special drum, which reliably protects it from entanglement and damage. The drum itself is installed on the crane bridge or on its cargo trolley frame.

Based on the operating principle, there are cable drums with a spring drive, a mechanical drive, and gravitational ones.

It is used when you need to pull the cable to the mobile equipment: a transporting carriage, magnetic lifting devices, electric hoist, an overhead type crane, a dock, shipboard, gantry crane.

Advantages of the construction design with the electric drive are as follows:

  • limit switches, which prevent complete unwinding of the electric cable;
  • the possibility of spiral winding;
  • the possibility of remote and manual unwinding/winding;
  • the absence of counterweight;
  • an excessively unwound cable is selected first;
  • the constant torque of unwinding and winding, which prevents the cable from breaking.

Cable drums with an electric drive are necessary for working with heavy or high-voltage cables. They allow to wind the electric wire of a longer length and at a higher speed than the spring ones. They are used to supply power to pushers or electric locomotives on autonomous railways of manufacturers, port cranes.    

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Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT cable drum with motor drive


Where you can buy the cable droppings

It is advantageous to buy such a device for the domestic manufacturer, the price of which is much lower compared to the cost of the foreign analogues. In Ukraine, metal, aluminium, electric, spring cable drums can be bought at the "Krankomplekt" factory, which produces a variety of modifications of such products.

Through the use of the components made by leading world companies (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Vacon), the plant fabricates products that are highly competitive with the foreign analogues. At the same time, the price for cable drums is set to a minimum as the plant sells them without intermediaries. Contact our manager, specify the objectives and intended conditions for using the coil and he will select the appropriate model for you.




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