Variable speed controller

Variable speed controller

The frequency changer has the form of components having a power of 1.5-560 kW for a network of 380-690 V. They solve a lot of requirements and occupy their niche in production. For specialized crane functions, there are already complementary intelligent extend functions developments.


For stepless motion when moving, turning, lifting and pendular use. Areas of additional use can be possible by making functions to order.


  • the possibility of controlling several drives simultaneously;
  • variable speeds are created at a constantly twisting moment;
  • the variable torque of a rotating type having constant speed;
  • the fair opportunity for acceleration and braking;
  • increased name plate rating, if required;
  • specialized software functions have been created for the optimal use;
  • simplicity in maintenance service;
  • simple installation.

Expansion opportunities

  • IP 55 is used when operating in a dense medium;
  • when switching a group of parameters, two different versions are implemented;
  • there is a fiber-optic wiring technology for the pair of transducers accelerated system communication;
  • specialized modules for additional technology functions;
  • integrated type revolutions control.