Uninterrupted Magnets' Power Supplies IBPGT-220.A

Uninterrupted Magnets' Power Supplies IBPGT-220.A - foto N1

Uninterrupted magnets' power supplies IBPGT-220.A are designed for the reserve supply of electromagnets of M, EM, EMG, DCM, DC type, the current of which does not exceed permissible values (A).

Distinctive features and characteristics of IBPGT-220. 25A, 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A

1. Galvanic isolation between the battery charge circuit and the supply mains.

2. Accurate maintenance of charging current/voltage (microcontroller control).

3. The ability to be equipped with an active or passive digital charging balance, which allows charging all the batteries evenly and ensures their longest possible period of service (unlike analogues).

4. Status control of each separate battery and display if it fails.

5. Automatic charging of batteries when the discharge is below a specified voltage threshold.

6. Control of the loss of each of the three phases.

7. Control of changer operability of the voltage supplying the electromagnet, in the case of using IBPGT-220.A.

8. Control of availability of the voltage on the electromagnet in the presence of a magnetization task.

9. Protection against short-circuit current in the electromagnet.

10. The digital panel of indication and IBPGT-220.A. settings adjustment

11. Support for the Modbus RTU interface.

12. The possibility of configuration by the control module PNGT-220.A using the Modbus RTU protocol of any industrial controller (Simatic, Vipa, OWEN, etc.).

13. The possibility of digital connection IBP IBPGT-220.A to PNGT-220.A, which allows, in case of emergency, to connect the electromagnet to IBP within 100ms.

The use of IGBT transistors, microcontroller, specialized sensors (of current, temperature, voltage), full galvanic isolation of battery charging circuits and control circuits and support of the Modbus RTU protocol, made it possible to create a modern, manageable and the most reliable IBP for electromagnets.

Uninterrupted Magnets' Power Supplies IBPGT-220.A - foto N2

Table 1. Technical specifications

Parameter name


    Supply voltage, V

3х380 +/- 100

    Frequency, Hz


Output voltage range, V


Battery operation, min.


Maximum curren permissible t, A


Overall dimensions, mm, from:

from 1600х1200х600

Weight, kg, from:

from 620