Joysticks and command controllers

Joysticks - foto N1Industrial joysticks, command controllers

Industrial joystick has the form of a steady hinged lever with two degrees of freedom. It can have from one to three axes, one or more keys, shift buttons. The command controller has a different configuration depending on its purpose. Our company has developed a versatile device of the KKP7M series. The command controller of the KKP7M series is produced according to the individual diagrams of the contact closure and the customer's electrical diagrams.

Homeland industrial controllers: features and benefits

Industrial joysticks of this type are available in two variations:

1. Standard, that operate on dry contact with voltage up to 220 V (constant) and up to 380 V (alternating) with current strength up to 10 A (25A customized ). They are set to control a variable-frequency electric drive, in which the speed is set discretely. Also they are suitable for panels of TSA, TSD, TS, KS type and others.

2. Analog, that control the angle of inclination, the electric axis, the movement and  regulate the speed with transmitting signals with high accuracy.

Crane command controllers consist of a cam-operated switch and a reference monitor. The handle can be round or square with or without a button. It drives the gear wheels, which start cam actuated switch. They, in turn, conduct the switching of the contact group.The homeland mechanism has several advantages over other types of joysticks. Thus, its housing is characterized by an IP30 degree of protection. The handle is automatically locked in initial position in case of careless handling or collision during operation. It is possible to remove it from this position only by lifting the lower hemisphere of the handle. If such fixation is not needed, this hemisphere rises and unfolds to 70°.

Each driving direction of the handle has 6 positions. The maximum indicator of the application of force to the handle is 20 N and it can be tilted no more than ± 42 °.

The advantage of such a home-grown technology is that it can work continuously for 8 hours a day for quite a long time. This versatile device can operate under high-temperature conditions, even with significant differences (-20 оС to +40 оС). The humidity of air should not be more than 70% at high temperatures, but the lower temperature the greater this index is (up to 90%).

The mechanism withstands high vibration, dust and other extreme conditions. It has high positioning accuracy and is reliable and easy in use.

Another advantage is the availability of service. Any renewal part can be bought in our factory at a reasonable price.

Type designation

Designations for single-axis joystick series

ККП               industial command controller

                  project's serial number

_ _                   automatic clamping in the null position

_ _                   consecutive number of line control system

(В)                   spring return mechanism of the handle (in the absence of a spring return mechanism is not indicated)

Designations for double-axis joystick series

ККП               industial command controller

                  серийный номер проекта

_ _                   automatic clamping in the null position

_ _                   consecutive number of line control system

_ _ _ _ /           command controller standard working in the longitudinal direction

(В)                   spring return mechanism of the handle

_ _ _ _             command controller standart working in the width direction

(В)                   spring return mechanism of the handle

command controllers - foto N2

How to buy industrial joystick

You can buy a single-axis or two-axis device of different configuration on the site of our factory. But first, you need to determine which devices and mechanisms the joystick will work with, under what conditions and loads. This information will help the manager to select the controller of a suitable configuration. The price of an industrial joystick depends on its type and purpose. Contact our specialist and get an exhaustive information on the choice of device.