Crane cabins

Crane cabins

The crane cabin is an integral part of its design. It is equipped with all control mechanisms and provides a work place for the crane operator. The necessary microclimate is maintained inside the cabin to protect the worker and equipment from negative climate effects. Built-in illuminating equipment provides the necessary exposure to light. The control packages and the employee's chair meet all the requirements of convenient and safe operation.

Cab structure:

1. Carcass - welded metal frame.

2. Wall, bottom and roof cladding - steel plate.

3. Inner cabin lining - incombustible material.

4. The crane cabin can be insulated at customer's option.

5. The structure of the floor is covered with an insulating mat.

6. All cockpit windows are carried out by high-impact shatter-proof glass. The openings can be made dumby and opened as an option, and in the lower part of the cabin are equipped with protective grilles.

7. The trunking of the cabin can be made in an external and hidden design.

8. According to the technical requirements of the customer, the cabin design can be equipped with the following mechanisms and systems:

кабина крана

  • Working lighting in the form of incandescent or luminescent lamps.
  • Electroconvector heating.
  • Forced exhaust ventilation.
  • Acclimatization, which uses specialized air conditioners on vibrating structures.
  • An anti-vibration mechanism for the crane operator's chair.
  • Screen wipers.
  • Window heating system.
  • Sun visors.
  • Fire extinguishers.

All completing units of the cabin are carried out immediately after the agreement with the customer.