Control chair

Control chair -foto

The control chair is one of the most popular types of electrical equipment.

The control chair with the electronic display is intended for controlling such mechanisms as the tower, portal, hoisting, and overhead traveling cranes.

Such a new generation command controller will redesign the crane cab and provide comfortable conditions for trouble-free service of the specialist. This control chair is presented in the form of a driver-friendly seat.

Command signals are given to control any mechanism with the help of special joysticks. They are installed in the columns of the control chair itself. Such joysticks are undertaken from the 2nd to the 4th coordinated movement. The entire software system must be coordinated with the customer. It provides control not only over throttle regulation of the electric drive but also by the crane panel. Columns are attached to the control chair. They are equipped with light equipment and buttons for switching drives, a power interlock key and a button for emergency shutdown.