Overload limiter with parameter recorder

Overload limiter with parameter recorder OGP-ARP-1501

OGP-ARP-1501 is an equipment package designed for protection from lifting the load with a mass above the crane rating. At the same time equipment depreciation decreases, info about the crane operation during the entire service life accumulates and stores. It ensures the safety of the work process and extends the service life of the crane.

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OGP-ARP-1501 consists of an equipment package and is designed to protect the equipment from lifting cargo with a mass higher than the crane rating. This reduces the capacity size of the crane during its operation ensuring a safe work process and prolonging the service life.

The overload limiter has the ability to limit the speed of the lift (both main and auxiliary), which depends on the load on the hook, and, if necessary, controls the rope slacking.

Thanks to the industrial network, the data transmitter makes it possible to locate the monitoring unit and the parameter recorder at a sufficient distance from the load cells placing them in any convenient location.The display is installed in the сrane cab. It indicates the weight of the load and the operating parameters of the crane. The ability to transfer data in a digital version among the components in the system makes it possible to provide noise immunity at a high level, so you can use the limiter even under conditions of high industrial interference.

The limiter acts in such a way that it compares the available load with the maximum set parameters that form the signals which prohibit operation. Thereby the circuits that control mechanisms break.

Our specialists will install a mechanism that will protect the equipment from overloads exceeding the norm and automatically disable the equipment. This technology will protect the equipment against breakdowns and emergencies.

The registrar package for the OGP-ARP-1501 parameters that you receive on delivery includes:

  • registration and control unit;
  • terminal with a liquid crystal display;
  • strain gage transducer;
  • modules on discrete input and output;
  • hardware;
  • coupling tool group for cables;
  • instruction and passport;
  • certificate confirming the quality of the manufacturer;
  • standard type strain gage transducers or strain gage axles made-to-measure.

Documents and services required:

  • actions are being taken to install a limiter with a parameter recorder on the crane (taking into account the changes in the electric circuit);
  • the original certificate of the received examination;
  • the original letter of the reconciliation of the project technical specifications for reconstruction;
  • the original reference from the developer on the nature of the work;
  • a certified copy of the permit authorizing the conduct of operations of high danger;
  • engineering setup and supervising installation;
  • we provide assistance in the crane re-registration.

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