Magnets controlling system with galvanic isolation PNGT-220.А

Voltage converters of the PNGT-220.A series are designed for supplying and controlling hoisting magnets of the M, EM, EMG, DCM, DC, which current does not exceed the admissible values (A).

Property and specifications of PNGT-220.A

1. Galvanic isolation between the electromagnet and the supply network, which protects against fault to frame due to the lack of potential function between them.

2. Accurate control of the output voltage at a given level.

3. Protection against short-circuit currents in the electromagnet.

4. Protection against the cable inter-core and on the "ground" shorting.

5. The breakage of the supply cable checkout.

6. Monitoring of excess leakage current in the electromagnet circuit.

7. Control the appearance of turn-to-turn short-circuit in the electromagnet.

8. Control over the current-carrying rating exceedance and its automatic restriction.

9. The digital display control panel of PNGT-220.А parameters.

10. Modbus RTU Interface Support.


The IGBT transistor, microcontroller, mission-specific sensors (of current, temperature, voltage) application, full galvanic isolation of power circuits and control circuits and Modbus RTU made it possible to create a modern, compact, easy-to-use control and tuning electromagnets control system.

PNGT-220.A electromagnets control system

1. It allows increasing the service life of the electromagnet more than twice, due to galvanic isolation and fast-acting electronic security.

2. Allows a smooth voltage control, providing the possibility of separation of the conveyed goods along the conveyor.

3. Allows installing a separate parameter indicating and control unit concerned with PNGT-220.A of the Modbus RTU record.

4. Provides the ability to control PNGT-220.A by the Modbus RTU protocol of any industrial controller (Simatic, Vipa, OVEN, etc.).

5. In the system of PNGT-220.A there is a possibility of digital connection to IBPGT-220.A UPS, which allows connection of the electromagnet to the UPS within 100ms in case of emergency.


Table 1. Engineering data

Parameter name


Supply voltage, V

3х380 +/- 100

Frequency, Hz


Adjustment voltage output control area, V


Demagnetization time, s, up to


Operating mode of duty cycle, %


Current-carrying rating, duty cycle-100 %, А


Dimensional specifications, mm, up to


Mass, kg, up to