Cranes collision avoidance system

Cargo cranes collision avoidance system KKZS-1015

Cranes collision avoidance system

Cargo cranes collision avoidance system KKZS-1015 is designed for protection against counteraction of cranes which operate on a common crane track.


Terms of Use:


ambient temperature: -20С ... + 40С;

relative humidity of ambient air: not more than 98% at a temperature of plus 25 ° C;

installation location: metal structure of the crane.

Technical features.

The overall dimensions of the relay module, WxHxD: 230x160x80 mm.

The overall dimensions of the sensor, WxHxD: 17h50h50 mm.

Relay module weight, no more than: 2,5 kg.

Sensor weight, no more than: 0.1 kg.

Operating supply voltage of the relay module: 380 V, 50 Hz.

Operating supply voltage of the stator slot coupler: = 10 ... 30 V;

Operating current consumption, not more than: 1A;

Maximum voltage of the output relay contacts: 250V, 50Hz;

Maximum current of the output relay contacts (AC1): 8A.

Index of protection of relay module and sensor, not less than - IP65 according to GOST 14254-96.


relay module - 1 pcs;

sensor - 1 pcs;

retroreflective element - 1 pcs.

Structure and Functioning.

The operation of the system is based on recording the reflected luminous beam.

A photosensor run in a single housing with a light emitter is located at some angle in the horizontal plane on one of the cranes to the normal of the retroreflective element located on the other. Thus, the incident beam from the light emitter falls on the retroreflective element only in a certain range of distances between the cranes. The maximum and minimum distance between the cranes at which the light beam hits the retroreflector is determined by the angle of the sensor installation and its displacement relative to the center of the retroreflector. The foregoing is more clearly illustrated in the figure.


Fig. Simplified schematic diagram of the equipment layout.

Upon a reflected luminous beam registration, the discrete output of the photosensor is triggered. In this case, the relay connected to the digital output is switched off, and the light alarm is activated.

Background information.

The following indicating devices are installed on the relay module:

power indicator (green);

protection indicator (red).

Work operation.

Relay module.

The power indicator lights up smoothly if the relay unit is properly connected to the 380V, 50Hz network.

The indicator of the protection operation lights up smoothly if the distance between the cranes falls within the operating range of the system.



The sensor operation description can be found in the documentation supplied with the sensor.