Electric telphers

Electric telphers - foto N1

Electric telpher (electric hoist, monorail motor hoist) with a lifting capacity of 0,5 t, 1 t, 2 t, 3,2 t, 5 t, 6,3 t, 8 t, 10 t, 12,5 t, 16 t, 20 t, 30 t is designed for cargo moving in production halls and warehouses.

The telpher can be permanently installed and mobile. It can operate at one speed and, if necessary, be two-speed. It can be equipped with the double-speed motors.

Mobile electric hoist consists of:

- the metal case of the electric hoist;

- rope winding roll with built-in reducing gear and cone brake;

- one geared motor of the hoist (or two at a high lifting height);

- steel cable with hook suspension;

- cable guide assembly;

- overload limiter of a telpher;

- electric control cabinet of a hoist;

- KKRU-10/02 remote control panel or remote radio control of a hoist.

The electric hoist is also supplied by Zavod Krankomplekt in constructive standard design and with reduced constructional depth, in general purpose industrial, marine, foundry and explosion-proof version.