Thyristor contractor PPKK-50

Thyristor contractor PPKK-50

Thyristor contractor PPKK-50 - foto

A contactless thyristor key is used to switch equalizing capacitors or to switch L-C circuits with a predominant constituent (protective compensating phases). This method of regulating reactive power is used for power grids, where the nature of the load varies very quickly, for example with welding machines, stamping presses, elevators, cranes controlled by the electric drive, etc.

PPKK-50 (TK) thyristor contactors, in contrast to conventional contactors are equipped with an integrated motor security unit, which has 6 degrees of protection:

  • Phase failure of a 3-phase alternating current system 220/380 V;
  • Electric motor overheating;
  • Long-term technological overloads;
  • Electric motor rotor jamming;
  •  Inadmissible unbalance of phase voltage;
  •  Incorrect starting sequence and inhibitory process.

Unlike conventional contactors like KT and KTE, TK PPKK-50 represents the "thyristor key", which allows achieving the following advantages:

  • There is no electric arc (the main drawback of conventional contactors) at startup and shut down Thyristor contractor PPKK-50 10-630A - foto N2because TK is an electronic circuit, the main element of which is the thyristor;
  • There are no moving parts and, as a consequence, the service life increases in several times;
  • Noise pollution level of the TK is practically zero, in contrast to conventional contactors, because of the design features of the latter;
  • Work, both in long-term and in short-time modes with practically unlimited frequency of switching on and of start-ups and shut-downs;
  • Ease of service: any TK element can be replaced in place in almost a few minutes without removing the TK;
  • If necessary, it is not difficult to convert the TK to a current of a different value - the thyristors replace is enough.
  • Thyristor contactors are produced on a current from 63 A to 630 A in circuits with voltage up to 1000 V AC.

    Also, thyristor contactors are manufactured reversible PPKK-50R (individually agreed upon at the time of order ).

    Thyristor contactors are available in three standard sizes:

  • 100-200 A | 370x470x300 (mm)
  • 250-320 A | 420х520х300 (mm)
  • 320-630 A (wafer) | 550x650x300 (mm)