Antitheft mechanical crane grab

Antitheft mechanical automatical (electric) crane grab

Mechanical anti-theft crane gripper

An antitheft grab is a device installed on the crane's metal structure, which prevents the crane from self-movement under the wind blast effect by gripping the crane rail with jaw pieces.

Antitheft grabs are divided into two main types - with electric drive and mechanical drive.

Antitheft grabs with a mechanical drive can be simple in design - consisting of a bracket, an adjusting sleeve with a nut, two jaws installed on the axis and a lead screw. Antitheft grabs with a mechanical drive can also be in a complex design - a steering type antitheft grabs with kickout device, to the gripping state alarm (open/closed ).

Antitheft grabs of electric type are equipped with a screw-type motor gear which provides their automatic closing/opening.