Resistor boxes B6, YaS, NF

BR (BRF, BRP, BRPF) - resistor boxes of crane series for the run-up, speed regulation and crane electric direct-current and alternating-current motor braking which work in electric drives of cargo cranes. The boxes are fully interchangeable with the blocks of resistors of NF (NF-1A, NK-1, NF-2A) series and B (B6, BK-12, BFK) series.

B6-U2, BK12-U2, BRF-U2, BRK-U2, BFK-U2, BRKF-U2, YaS-3U3, YaS-4U3, YaS-122/4MU3 are the resistor boxes.

Блоки резисторов Б6, ЯС, НФ

The resistor boxes also are stocked into the resistance shields and cabinets. The drag breakdown and the number of boxes in the shield or cabinet are calculated individually by our specialists for a specific engine.


Information that must be provided to the customer for the selection of resistor boxes:

1. Type of electric motor.

2. Electric schematic diagram.

In the absence of an electric schematic diagram, it is important to inform the following information:

1) Type of electric motor.

2) Controller type: control panel UP-35; DVP-15; DKU-S1; KKT-61,62,68; KKP-1100; etc.

3. Mechanism: lifting, the course of the truck, the course of the bridge, etc.

4. Type of control panel (magnetic controller), if available.

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