Gantry cranes

Overloading & installation and construction machinery: gantry cranes with a carrying capacity of 3,2…50 tons

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Gantry cranes are mainly installed outdoors on level concrete grounds.

This machinery is extremely commonly used: construction, engineering, logging, etc. In fact, a gantry crane of 3.2 ... 50 tons is an indispensable attribute of any large-scale production in Ukraine. And specialized models perfectly cope with various service tasks, for example, in the hydraulic engineering and energy industries.

Often the plants' administration prefers to repair and revive the old crane equipment and not to acquire a new one for the sake of economy. Specialists of the

"Krankomplekt" propose to take a new look at such a habit. The company's approach is high-quality materials, maintainability and reliability, anti-crisis price. It allows to buy a gantry crane at a low price and forget about annoying expenses for permanent repairs for a long time. Fill in the questionnaire and easily make sure that it is a reality, not an advertising trick - the price of an electric gantry crane justifies expenses.

The range of models of "Krankomplekt" factory


The company produces crane equipment that allows solving general and special tasks for a full range of modes (light, medium, heavy):

  • installation and construction;
  • reloading;
  • reloading of special purpose;
  • specialized.

"Krankomplekt" produces models of single and double-gantry cranes of standard design, semi-gantry architecture variants with gantry rail support and rigid support, equipment for complex climate, aggressive chemical environment, etc. According to the сustomer's choice, a control method is determined - from the cabin, from the floor or remote radio control panel KKRU-10. Foreign clients, customers from Ukraine, production workers of Kiev have convinced that the electric gantry crane of "Krankomplekt" factory is a guarantee of functionality, reliability, and long-term problem-free service.

Specialized machinery of "Krankomplekt"

The factory supplies the gantry crane with the appropriate equipment for specialized variants of execution and difficult conditions: traction winches, trolleys, traverses, magnetic grippers, grabs, spreaders, etc.

For example, reloading cranes "Krankomplekt":

  • for bulk and lump materials are supplied with a four-rope two-leaf grab bucket of the appropriate type (heavy and extremely heavy) or with a multi-jaw grab bucket, cable drum, and safety device;
  • for ferromagnetic materials (scrap, chip scrap, casting molds, etc.) equipped with magnetic traverse or hinged electromagnet, cable drum, safety device;
  • sea, railway, automobile containers are equipped with automatic spreader or traverse, safety device, and cable drum.

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