Bridge grabbing cranes

Grab crane: special features of choice

The grab crane is simply irreplaceable while loading and unloading a vast amount of lump and granular materials. However, the range of such structures is quite wide. You can orientate yourself in it, only knowing their features, clearly understanding where and in what conditions they will be used.

Bridge grabbing crane: product characteristic

It is equipment for lifting cargo in its function. It is based on a single- or double-girder overhead crane but has a grab - a special bucket for grabbing the load. All available types of grab crane differ in bucket construction.

It has two swivel jaws which take part in the grabbing and transportation of cargo. Two- and multi-jaws are distinguished by their number. The construction of the grabs is different according to the type of cargo with which it will work. So, if the work is carried out with loose loads, there are additional teeth on the grab. The bucket which works with sawn timber has two large claws to the bottom with which it is able to grasp logs. They differ in volume. The grab with a capacity of 1.6-3.2 cubic meters is considered to be the most popular.

Whatever the construction design, the bucket blocks are positioned so that they can not slide apart and drop the load. The process is fully automated.

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Bridge grabbing crane: the right way to choose

Before making a final choice you need to decide where and with what this equipment will work. It is used at freight railway stations, building grounds, warehouses, in ports and production shops. Сonsequently, it can operate in an open area or indoors.

The two-leaf clamshell bucket is used for transportation of lump, loose materials (except the scrap and metal chip), as well as for moving long sawn timber. The multi-jaw clamshell is suitable for other loads.

The product density is another important parameter with which the equipment will operate. According to this parameter, the indicator of the load-carrying capacity of a ladle is calculated.

Grapples have a different mode, according to which they are divided into two main types:

  • motor, or drive grab bucket, in which the mechanism responsible for scooping and emptying, is located directly on the grab;
  • rope grab bucket, which with the help of a rope is connected with the drive winches.
  • hydraulic grab bucket, which is closed with hydraulic cylinders under where the pressure is created by the oil station.

Drawing on these parameters you can pick up the necessary grab. Also, you can always make the design of non-standard parameters for your needs.


Грейферный кран – фото №3

Where to buy the electric bridge grabbing crane

At our factory, you can buy similar equipment with a carrying capacity of 3.2 to 30 tons. It is used for heavy working modes A7 and A8 and controlled remotely by radio or from the cabin. Contact our manager, tell what price for a bridge grabbing crane suits you, under what conditions it will work, and the specialist will pick up a suitable modification for you.

Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT bridge grabbing crane with a capacity of 16/5 tons.

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