Single-girder overrunning cranes

Сomplex mechanization devices: single-girder travelling crane

Single-girder overrunning cranes - picture №1

Single-girder overrunning cranes - picture №2

It is difficult to imagine a modern enterprise without automation and mechanization of the production cycle. Single-girder overrunning crane is an affordable means of increasing the efficiency of work stages, reducing labor costs, resource base and, as a result, increasing profitability. In Ukraine, the scope of applicability of the single-girder overrunning crane covers enterprises of different profiles:

  • Logistics centers;
  • Construction sites;
  • Warehouses of open and/or closed type;
  • Assembly shops.

Design features of «Krankomplekt» production

Single-girder overrunning cranes - picture №3

Single-girder overrunning cranes - picture №4

The main beam of the bridge crane is made of I-beam, box-shaped or intricate profile depending on the nominal load capacity, climatic and production conditions. Moving the beam along the crane tracks is provided by two or four electric motorswith a three-phase current supply of a rated voltage of 380 or 220 volts.

By means of the uniaxial construction of the lifting mechanism, the electric hoist provides excellent load ratings for compact dimensions. The installation of devices protecting the excess of the nominal weight of the transported cargo (0,5 ... 20 tons) is envisaged. The operation of a single-girder overrunning crane is controlled by an overhead remote control or a radio remote control system. If necessary, the operator's cabin (closed or open type) is installed.

Moving cargo in small-sized rooms is not a problem!

The compactness of the construction makes the single-girder overrunning crane an indispensable attribute of the complex mechanization of the assembly shop or warehouse in rooms with low ceiling heights and span widths. The minimum distance to the ceiling for the crane is only ten centimeters, so the working space falls completely into the area of the mechanism functioning. Do not miss such a chance of efficient production space operation! The price of a single-girder overrunning crane is low, so the funds invested in modernization pay off in a guaranteed and fast manner. The height of the lift can be increased by using a telfer's truck with an angular mechanism. The factory optimizes the design for the specific geometry of the room at the request of the customer.

Reasons to order equipment from «Krankomplekt»

  • Made-to-measure solution. The company develops models based on the customer's goals and specific production conditions. This approach guarantees a high return on investment.
  • A wide range of options. We offer single-girder overrunning cranes with a carrying capacity of 0.5 ... 20 tons.
  • Warranty support and post-warranty service.
  • Reliability and durability of top-running bridge cranes with regular routine servicing.
  • Orders of non-standard equipment. We develop special models for operation in the tropics, in the marine climate, in conditions of increased fire danger, etc.

Questionnaire on a single-girder overrunning crane


Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT single-girder travelling crane with a capacity of 10t.

Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT single-girder travelling crane with a capacity of 20t.



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