Single-girder overrunning manual cranes

Single-girder overrunning manual cranes

Single-girder manual crane

Similar constructions are installed in places where there is no need to move a vast amount of loads within the shortest possible period of time. They are irreplaceable where there is no electricity on which special equipment operates.

Where is the overhead-track hoist used

It is installed in enclosed space and in open areas, where it is necessary to move a small amount of cargo.

According to the design, there are structures manufactured for:

  • general purpose industrial grade;
  • installation in explosive areas;
  • cold climate;
  • tropical climate;
  • temperate climate.

The second and third options can be assembled outdoors. They are used for basic and auxiliary works at railway stations, agro-industrial enterprises, crane overpasses, in ports. They are able to withstand the ambient temperature in the range of +/- 40 ° C.

A single-girder overrunning manual crane does not require a connection to the electrical network, so it allows you to work where there is no electricity. Accordingly, its price is lower than electrical structures.

It is possible to install one or several lifting mechanisms on it, adjusting the amount of work. But it is important to remember that the top-running hand crane beam is not suitable for moving people, poisonous substances, hot metal.

Single-girder overrunning manual cranes: technical characteristic

Such a crane has a form of an I-beam to which a movable gearing or worm hoist is attached. This beam is bolted to the end beams. Two idle and two driven crabs are mounted on her carts. Carts are equipped with rollers with toothed rims, which are driven by a chain sprocket through two gears and a transmission. The gears drive the rims of the impellers. The transmission parts are connected by plate clutches and are located on the friction bearing.

Moving the crane as well as lifting and lowering the cargo hook is carried from the floor by the driving chains. The crane has a form of a welded metal structure, which has a manual mechanism of movement and lifting of the load.

How to buy a crane on the site of the "KRANKOMPLEKT" factory

We produce crane equipment and sell it without intermediaries, so the price for a single-girder overrunning manual crane is fair. Contact our manager and specify the configuration of the crane you need, the price, the conditions for its delivery, installation.

Dimensional outlines of single-girder overrunning manual cranes