Single-girder underrunning cranes

Sophisticated mechanization devices: overhead-track hoists with a lifting capacity of 0,5...20 tons

Single-girder underrunning cranes – picture №1

Single-girder underrunning cranes – picture №2

There is no production that has not been without any movement of goods. Such operations determine the final integrated efficiency and profitability for warehouses and logistics centers. The equipment of an overhead-track hoist of an assembly shop, a warehouse, a car-care center or a construction site is a natural and budgetary way to increase productivity. "Zavod Krankomplekt " has been manufacturing and selling crane beams in Ukraine since 2009 and is able to offer a variant comprehensively satisfying the specific situation, including the development of exclusive models for individual orders. Fill out a questionnaire and make sure that the boldest expectations come true!

Single-girder crane construction

Structurally, the overhead-track hoist refers to lightened bridging equipment, and the models are divided into supported and underhung. The basis is the main beam with a fixed lifting mechanism (hoist), which is installed or underhung from the beams of crane tracks. In large-span constructions a third end beam is additionally used along the center of the bridge, ensuring its stiffness and balance. Electric hoists of underhung cranes for 1 ... 10 tons are moved by one or two geared motors with a voltage of 220/380 volts. It depends on the capacity. Cranes are managed manually or remotely from the radio control panel KKRU-10.

The uniaxial design of the telpher determines the compactness of the lifting gear with an impressive load-carrying capacity. As a result, the space of a cramped room is covered as completely as possible. Therefore it is an ideal solution to buy an overhead-track hoist at "Zavod Krankomplekt" factory for a small workshop or packaged plant. Contact the specialists of "Krankomplekt", and they will offer and develop an optimal version of the equipment under the given conditions. At the same time, the price of a manufactured according to an individual order underhung overhead-traveling crane remains investment-attractive.

Range of offers of "Krankomplekt" factory

Single-girder underrunning cranes – picture №3

Single-girder underrunning cranes – picture №4

In addition to standardized models, the company produces special types of equipment:

- in fireproof implementation;
- flame-proof models;
- variants of underhung cranes for 1 ... 10 tons for unfavorable conditions (cold up to -40 degrees, heat up to +60 degrees, high humidity, etc.);
- models which are resistant to aggressive chemical environments;
- overhead-track hoists in the marine version, etc.

The equipment is completed with additional built-in devices: crane scales, overload protection system, dubbing console, additional brakes, etc. "Krankomplekt" also produces different variants of grabs, magnetic grippers, traverses. The price of the overhead-track hoist increases, but the additional costs are quickly paid off due to the flexible and improved functionality of the mechanism.

The price of the overhead-track hoist will be available after filling in the questionnaire.

Цена кран балки будет доступна после заполнения опросного листа.

Questionnaire on a single-girder underrunning crane


Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT single-girder underrunning crane with a capacity of 20t.



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