Gantry manual cranes

Manual gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 0.25 t, 0.5 t, 1 t., 2 t., 3 t., 5 t., 6 m, 3 t., 8 t., 10 t.

The gantry crane is designed to move various cargoes in any industrial and storage areas. The crane can be made in different ambient class and work both indoors and outdoors. Also, there is the possibility of an explosion-proof design (VBI) crane manufacturing. The lifting device can be made both in manual and in electrical design.

The gantry crane consists from:

- two end beams on pneumatic, polyurethane or metal wheels;
- two or more crane bases leaning on the end beams;
- one or two main beams installed on the crane bases;
- a manual or electric hoist.
- crane with additional braking systems.

Gantry cranes are manufactured according to customer's specification.

Gantry manual cranes