Magnetic cranes

Magnetic crane - comfortable design, easy operation

Cranes like this are used to lift and move metal structures, rolled products, metals at customs terminals, warehouses, and workshops of diversified factories, metallurgical, machine building and other enterprises working with metals.

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Magnetic overhead traveling crane: design features

The general principle of the magnetic crane arrangement is similar to the hook crane. The only difference is that the magnet is attached to the traverse, hook or hook suspension, and the cable clamp is attached to the hook bail. The traverse can be installed on a rigid or flexible suspension, which is located transversely or longitudinally relative to the bridge.

In general, the crane consists of:

  • the mechanism of movement;
  • bridge;
  • trolley (or two) with lifting mechanisms;
  • lifting magnet;
  • the cabin.

As a rule, one trolley is installed on the structure. Two of the same type are attached to work with long-length materials. Trolleys can be equipped with rotating mechanisms that allow the traverse to be turned in a horizontal plane.

The load is captured with a powerful magnet. There are magnets of saddle-shaped, rectangular or round type that can be installed on cranes. They are driven by a three-phase current with a voltage of 220, 380 or 500 V. If a network with alternating current is used, a rectifying device must be installed. The structures offered by our factory are equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. If the mains voltage suddenly disappears, the magnet can hold the load no more than 20 minutes. During this time, it is possible to drop the cargo to a safe place.

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Operating features

Like general industrial cranes, magnetic bridging cranes are controlled in one of the following ways:

It is possible to install a span of the crane in the range of 12-34 meters depending on the wishes of the customer. The maximum height for lifting cargo is 28 meters. The crane lifting capacity is from 5 to 50 tons, also depending on the customer's requirements.

The construction is designed for heavy operations. It is important not to lift the load higher than the norm stipulated in the technical passport to make it last for a long time. Therefore, safety devices which do not allow exceeding these standards are installed on the cranes manufactured at our factory.

The winding of a load-lifting magnet on the framing is the most frequent breakdown. The design is supplied with a three-phase transformer or a PNGT-220 voltage converter to eliminate this phenomenon. It provides galvanic isolation between the common bounding conductor and the winding. It eliminates breakdowns.

Such structures can be assembled in warehouses, workshops and other closed premises as well as in open areas. The magnet can be used in any climatic conditions, at different ambient temperature. Such structures can be used as conventional hook cranes when removing the magnet.

How can you purchase an electric magnetic traveling crane from the producer "KRANKOMPLEKT"

The "Krankomplekt" factory makes cranes of various configurations and load-carrying capacity for work in the most different conditions. Our specialist will help you to look about the assortment. You can always find the necessary design and compare prices. If a suitable modification is not available, we are ready to make it custom-fabricated. And the price, in this case, is unlikely to be different from the standard offers. Contact our manager, specify what exactly you need for work, and he will pick up the product for you.

Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT magnetic overhead traveling crane with a capacity of 10+10 tons.

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