Double-beam traveling cranes

The bigwigs of mechanization with a capacity of 5...125 tons

Double-beam traveling cranes 35 t - picture №1

Double-beam traveling cranes 35 t - picture №2

The overhead traveling crane is used in almost every industry in Ukraine. The simplicity of management, ease of installation and maintenance, reasonable price make the double-beam traveling crane an invariably claimed attribute of complex mechanization in:

  • logistics centers, warehouses;
  • machine-building shops;
  • enterprises of the military-industrial complex;
  •  mining enterprises;
  • shops of metallurgical complexes;
  • CHP and HPP;
  • enterprises of automobile and aircraft building;
  •  reinforced concrete structures factories, etc.

Today it is extremely difficult to intensify production and reduce costs without overhead traveling crane purchase. "Zavod Krankomplekt" produces a full range of bridging equipment, including the development of models for individual orders and special equipment for non-standard conditions (hot/cold climate, high humidity, fire-hazardous and chemically aggressive environments, seismic activity, etc.).You can also consult the specialists of the factory and receive the technical equipment you need.

The range of commodities in "Krankomplekt"

Overhead cranes general purpose - foto N3

If there is a small amount of cargo movement, the purchase of the single-girder traveling crane is recommended. For example, an under-running bridge crane of 1, 2 or 5 tons deals tasks of the vehicle repair workshop service in Ukraine, and for the logistics center the over-slung crane with a lifting capacity of 5 ... 20 tons is enough. More complex conditions (a significant weight of cargo) require the use of a two-girder overhead crane. This type of equipment has two parallel main beam sections, supported by two end beams. The bridge is equipped with a welded cargo trolley with one or two mechanisms of movement and lifting capacity. The crane is equipped with an overload protection system and, if necessary, with additional equipment that meets the specifics of the work: an anemometer, air conditioner or heater (in the cabin), a parameter recorder, etc. The client can choose and control method - from the floor, from the cabin, remotely by the radio control panel KKRU- 10.

Interesting for the expanded functionality will be the magnetic-clamshell modifications of the two-girder overhead crane. The basis - the standard model of the hook on which hung a motor grab or magnet cargo if necessary. There are no insurmountable obstacles for the "Crankomplekt Plant" - the customer is offered a technique that fully and precisely satisfies the production task.

Special development

A separate place in the range of commodities is occupied by specialized models. For example, for foundries with an acceptable operating temperature of +300 degrees, for seismically active zones or for reloading of the explosive materials. The individual orders of designs that can move loads up to 600 tons or up to 100 meters are developed.

Questionnaire on a double-beam traveling crane



Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT Special magnetic cantilever crane with a capacity of 10+10t.

Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT Overhead traveling crane with a capacity of 30t.


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