Lifting beams: application and types

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Lifting beam is an auxiliary element of the hoisting crane. When cargo is fixed to the crane hook, in several places it is hooked with the help of slings or grabbing devices. Thus, it is possible to lift bulky goods.

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When it is required to purchase the traverse?

It is needed in those cases when it is necessary to work with goods of long, non-standard, large sizes. Usually, they have the shifted center of gravity or there are difficulties appear in balancing while moving from place to place. Sometimes, at a normal angle of slinging, there is not enough lifting height, the slings are stretched too much, the load is dangerously bent. Then it is difficult to apply the traditional method of transportation.

The traverse is selected according to the geometric parameters of the load, the technical characteristics of the crane, the conditions of its operation. It is attached to the crane hook in the center or behind the ends with multi-arm slings for a finger or an eye, flexible or rigid thrusts. The cargo is attached through hooks, axles and kneepieces with lugs installed on it.

What lifting beams you can buy?

Traverse is of two types: spreader beam and lifting beam. In the first case, it has a triangular or rectangular shape. With this design, it is possible to lift large-sized loads of considerable weight, but the clear lifting height is low.

The lifting beam represents interconnected beam channels or pipes, at the ends of which the fastening devices are installed. The length of such an element does not usually exceed 4 meters, otherwise, its own mass will be too large. For effective work, it should not exceed 10% of the maximum weight of the load.

You can use universal models in which the end anchorages are moved to the desired distance along the perimeter of the beam. Or the additional inserts for fastenings are established on it. If you are working with large volumes of several types of cargo, it is better to have separate lifting devices for each.

In addition to the main types of devices there are:

  • Balanced which are used for loads with unequally spaced anchoring points. They have axles with rollers for each suspension point. They can be different or equal-armed.
  • The magnetic traverse is the same spreader or lifting beam, but a powerful magnet is used as a load gripper. It can be permanent or electronic.
  • Framed X-shaped or H-shaped are used to transport cargo in big bags.
  • Lifting beams.

The price for lifting beams

On the basis of the variety of models with which the traverse is presented, its price will be different. On the site of the "KRANKOMPLEKT" factory you can order this load-lifting element of the necessary size and with suitable fasteners. Contact our manager and he will advise you on the modifications and prices of the device.

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