The history of the company

"Krankomplekt" was established in April 2009 by a team of experts having experience in crane building, the development and implementation of custom projects using advanced electronic systems of its own and foreign production.

During the existence of the "Krankomplekt" it specialists have designed and implemented a large number of projects:

  • launched production of bridge cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and mechanical equipment in its own production facilities according to the TU SOU MPP 53.020-158:2006;
  • production of radio control;
  • production of installations for reactive power compensation;
  • production of control panels with the use of imported switching devices and microprocessor control, are similar to standard domestic panels type KS, PDT, DT, DTA, etc. significantly superior performance characteristics;
  • established issue of system of weight measurement (OGP) with the Registrar of parameters (ARP);
  • production of measuring the pressure force of the wind "anemometer" with a noiseproof  interface, 4-20mA and Modbus RTU support;
  • organized the laboratory for the development, commissioning and maintenance of automation and telecommunications;
  • obtained the permission of the “Gosgorpromnadzor” for the manufacture, modernization, reconstruction, installation of lifting equipment and systems of remote radio management number 425.09.23-29.221;
  • developed and approved technical conditions for the production of remote control systems of KKRU TU 33.2-36447653-001:2010;
  • developed and approved technical conditions for the production of low-voltage complete devices motor control TU 31.2-36447653-002:2010.

In the period from 2009 to March 2010 "Krankomplekt" managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of quality lifting equipment of the European level, as in the Ukrainian market and the markets of the CIS and neighboring countries (Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, India etc.) with the most important and complex works can be found in reference sheet of the enterprise.

"Krankomplekt" does not stop to conduct research work towards the development and improvement of electronic systems of automation, control and registration of parameters of load-lifting mechanisms and processes.

In the design of cranes, our main task is to reduce the weight and size, improving reliability and performance. All this is achieved through the application of such achievements in mechanical engineering as a geared motor with variable frequency drive double-girder trolley with stationary hoist, a flexible current supply system, spacious cabin with Joysticks.

The complex of these solutions allows to reduce the dimensions and weight of the crane in half, through the use of variable frequency drives ensures smoothness and precision, reduced power consumption and increased threefold turnaround time.

The company values each customer and maintains a stock of spare parts to manufactured products, to resolve process operating problems for one or two days.

Active enterprises.

Publication in scientific magazines.

Scientific-technical and production magazine "Lifting constructions the special technique" in the next number № 11-12(98) November-December 2009 published an article, "Krankomplekt" about new developments and opportunities of the enterprise in the production of lifting machinery and equipment.

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