Metal structures

Metal structures of any complexity

- I-beam columns;

- trusses made from hot-rolled corners;

- trusses made of a closed profile of rectangular cross-section;

- runs from a roll-formed channel - are made of rolling or roll-formed channels of solid cross-section;

- Beams from wide-band I-beams;

- welded beams from sheet metal;

- beams of variable cross-section from I-beams;

- end, main crane beams;

- crane welded beams from sheet products - are made of rolling I-beams of solid cross-section;

Crane beams - foto N1    overhead crane end beams - foto N2

- built-up welded beams reinforced with ribs ;

- crane runways - are made of rolled I-beams;

- plate trusses from single and double corners, closed profiles of square and rectangular cross-section;

- beam channel crossbars - are made of rolled and bent profiles;

- non-standard metal structures;

metal constructions - foto N3 metal constructions - foto N4