Gondola wagon unloader S-492KK

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The S-492KK modernized unloading-stacking machine (elevator-bucket wagon unloader) was designed and produced by Zavod Krankomplekt as a modern analog of the C-492 unloading-stacking machine and "Habibullin" similar machine (TR-2 unloader). The S-492KK elevator-bucket unloader is designed for unloading loose goods from gondola wagons such as:

- crushed stone;

- gravel;

- slag;

- ore;

- coal;

- peat;

- sand;

- grain, etc.

The operating principle of the S-492KK unloader

The unloader's gantry moves along the railroad track to the edge of the gondola wagon parallel to the rolling equipment movement. At the end of the movement, the gondola waggon is located directly between the portal structures of the unloader, point-to-point path mode is carried out by means of an ultrasonic sensor.

After that, a ladleman hoist is set in motion, which smoothly descends into the gondola wagon and, due to the circular motion of the buckets attached to the chain, rakes the bulk cargo out the gondola wagon and passes it through the loading hopper to the transfer conveyor. The elevator drive is equipped with a torque-limiting clutch, which prevents the breaking of buckets and damage of the gondola wagon's metal structure. From the catching conveyor, the cargo falls onto the stacker conveyor and is stacked on the storage site with its help.

The gondola wagon unloader S-492KK consists of the main parts:

- gantry (truss metal construction made of the shaped tube) - 1 pcs.;

- the gantry end beams with the travel mechanism (all-wheel drive) - 2 pcs;

- ladleman hoist equipped with a frame with track rollers and pulling winch for its lifting - 1 pc .;

- transfer conveyor 6 m in length, receiving material from the elevator buckets through the receiving hopper - 1 pc .;

- a stacker conveyor with 17 m in length, stacking material in the deck perpendicular to the movement of the unloader (it is possible to install an additional conveyor) - 1 pc.,

- winch for lifting the stacker conveyor- 1 pc.;

- Counterweight - 1pc .;

- the operator's cabin equipped with a control chair and industrial air conditioner- 1 pc .;

 - Power Control Room with equipment for unloader control- 1 pc.


Differences of the modernized S-492KK unloader from its Soviet analog:

- the metal structure is made of a shaped tube, and not of angle bar;

- the travel mechanism is equipped with a drive for all four wheels (emergency reserve);

- the ladleman hoist has torque-limiting clutches which ensures trouble-free operation in case of catching of the buckets at the bottom of the gondola wagon;

- the variable-frequency electric drive of unloader with feedback;

- ultrasonic sensors for the hoist's position control;

- operator's cabin with the 360-degree view and air-conditioning system;

- the gantry is equipped with a repair crane from the top of the unloader, for the elevator units servicing.

S-492KK wagon unloader gondola is a full-fledged replacement for the car dumper, while the unloader provides a higher productivity, and the cost of the acquisition and especially for maintenance, in comparison with the car dumper + carriage car, are less exponentially.

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Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT unloading-stacking machine S-492KK.