Crane radio guidance

KKRU-10 crane radio remote control: efficiency, reliability, comfort.

The radio control of a bridge, gantry crane and overhead-track hoist allows you to secure and modernize the lift through the precise high-speed manipulation mechanism. The advantages of crane radio control are numerous and considerable:

● The need to reduce speed with the guarantee of free movement is eliminated even in the stockholding and/or structural elements concentration areas;

● the speed and accuracy of the finishing operations concerning control from the cab increases;

● a high level of security is provided;

● the manipulations synchronism of two cranes remote radio control of by one panel is achieved ;

● "dead runs" of the equipment are reduced;

● the need to train or hire a qualified crane operator is removed;

● Easy integration into the power supply system is provided without changing the configuration and characteristics of the equipment.

When upgrading the old lifting equipment, the price of switching to radio control for cranes in Ukraine is quite fair, so the obvious advantages of modification quickly justify the expenses.

You can buy a remote control system produced by Zavod Krankomplekt, LLC for the following hoisting-and-conveying equipment:

- the bridge crane remote radio control;

- the grab crane remote radio control;

- the magnetic crane remote radio control;

- the pouring crane remote radio control;

- the gantry crane remote radio control;

- the overhead-track hoist remote radio control (the single-girder overrunning crane radio control, the single-girder underrunning crane);

 - the bracket-swing crane remote radio control;

 - the electric hoist remote radio control;

 - the winch remote radio control;

 - remote radio control is non-standard according to the technical requirements.

Crane radio guidance - foto N1Crane radio guidance - foto N2

Fig. 1 Portable remote control of KKRU-10/01 (02) system console

Crane radio guidance - foto N3

Crane radio guidance - foto N4

Fig.2 Portable console and stationary transmitter-receiver of the of KKRU-10/01 (02) system

Stationary transmitter-receiver with a removed cover - foto N 5

Fig.3 Stationary transmitter-receiver with a removed cover.

KKRU-10 crane remote radio control system

Zavod Krankomplekt produces cargo cranes with a remote radio KKRU-10 system in the "10/01" and "10/02" modifications. It allows the complete abandonment of the pendent control station and the operator's cabin. The following parameters provide high functionality and usability of the system:

● the 433.24 ... 439.75 MHz frequency range, along with a small transmitter power (maximum 8 mW) do not require additional coordination in radiofrequency control services;

● The radius of consistent reception is up to 100 meters;

● the range of permissible operating temperatures -20 ... + 65 degrees covers most production conditions;

● The control panel battery is the standard "AA" size;

● The transmit-receive module is supplied with an alternating voltage of 220V / 50Hz.

The "10/01" and "10/02" modifications of remote radio control differ in functional features of the control panel battery. "01" version has a command-controller architecture (joysticks), which allows a smooth movement crane speed adjustment. There is the button structure in the "02" modification, which excludes such a mode. The customer independently determines what crane radio control system version to buy.

The equipment noise immunity

The KKRU-10 radio control system uses the "Manchester 2" security protocol which provides reliable isolation of operating channels. This circumstance is extremely important when using several command console simultaneously. This situation is almost standard for large-scale entities. For example, in Kiev, many lifting mechanisms of one enterprise or construction are equipped with remote radio control. Acquiring the equipment with the KKRU-10 system from "Zavod Krankomplekt", the customer receives modern high-tech, reliable technical equipment.

Video: single-girder overrunning crane remote radio control with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.

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