Crane reconstruction for work with magnet

Renovation of gantry cranes, overhead traveling cranes for work with an electromagnet (magnetic washer).

Zavod Krankomplekt, LLC has the ability to make crane upgrades to magnetic mode according to the customer's terms of reference.

According to worker safety and health laws and regulations 0.00-1.01-07 "Procedure for Design and Safe Operation of Cargo Cranes" cranes with lifting electromagnets should be equipped with:

- the no-break power supply which provides the cargo detention by the electromagnet for 20 minutes in the event of a power failure in the supply network;

- the limiter of cargo carrying capacity with an automatic recorder of the crane operating parameters.

The total volume of reconstruction includes:

- development of a re-design and technical specifications for reconstruction;
- the load-handling device updating for the electromagnet installation;
- installation of a cable drum for the electromagnet connection;
- installation of a thyristor symmetrical voltage transducer for the electromagnet controlling;
- installation of a no-break power supply for the electromagnet;
- installation of a cargo carrying capacity limiter with an automatic parameter recorder.

Reconstruction of a gantry crane - foto N1  Reconstruction of a gantry crane for working with a magnet - foto N2

Reconstruction of an overhead crane - foto N3  Reconstruction of the crane for the installation of a magnet - foto N4