Development of project documentation

Zavod Kranokomplekt, LLC, has a design-and-engineering department in its staff which consists of construction engineers of mechanical equipment and metal structures, construction engineers of electrical appliances, design engineers of radioelectronic devices and transmission facilities as well as programmers of microprocessor devices. Offers you to view yourself as an executor in engineering of any nature and complexity, from the calculation of mechanisms, metal structures and other equipment on down to with the full range of project documentation for mechanisms and metal structures of any complexity.

motor grab - foto N1  mechanical grab - foto N2

The cargo crane passport recovery.

Zavod Krankomplekt, LLC has the opportunity to restore the passports of double-girder traveling cranes, gantry cranes, single-girder overrunning and underrunning cranes and bracket-swing cranes.
Gondola wagon unloader S-492KK - foto N3Gondola wagon unloader S-492KK - foto N4

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