Flexible power lead

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The flexible power lead system to the crane (current lead to the telpher), festoon-type current lead.

The current lead to the overhead crane and the current lead to the gantry crane (cable trolleys KGS-200,300,400,500,600) provide access to mobile equipment for power cables (both round and flat), as well as hoses for pneumatic and hydraulic installations. Cable trolleys can move along a c-shaped profile, an I-beam or a diamond-shaped profile.

Trolleys may differ in the material of construction:

1. Cable trolley made of polyamide,

2. Cable trolley made of galvanized steel,

3. Cable trolley made of stainless steel,

4. Cable trolley made of aluminum.

The system of a flexible current lead (festoon-type current lead) is the most frequently installed on single-girder overrunning cranes and underhung cranes (overhead-track hoists), as well as for supplying power to the electric hoists on bracket-swing cranes.

Main information

All tracks can have line swings in accordance with the system configuration, taking into account the minimum allowable line swing and the depth of the loop.

In addition to the supply cable stringing, the suspension can be used for many other purposes - for control cables stringing, digital and fiber cables which move independently of the mobile equipment with the autocarrier. In a chemically aggressive environment, a special design is required. Systems and components are provided standardly in the following versions: stainless steel, acid protection, protection against seawater.

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