Container turn-over device

Container turn-over device - foto N1

Container turn-over device (container-type dumping device) - is designed for tilting and tipping twenty-foot, forty-foot containers, and also for fixing them at an angle of 30, 35, 40 degrees to ensure loading and unloading of bulk materials into the container, for example grain, concentrates.

Turners are widely used in ports, container terminals and on railways. They can be installed both stationary in covered onagers, opened trestles, and be suspended on the existing cargo cranes (portal, gantry, travelling cranes).

Container turners are designed and manufactured in the following versions:

- automatic turners;

- semi-automatic turners;

- turners with the electric drive;

- hydraulic turners.

"Zavod Krankomplekt" produces container turn-over device (dumping devices) according to the technology pull of the customer. If necessary they can be equipped with options of weighing, radio control, smooth lifting and lowering as well as the installation and adjustment of the turners.

container-type dumping device - foto N2