Magnetic grabs

Lifting magnets ( on constant magnets Nd-Fe-B)

Lifting magnets - foto N1The magnetic load-handling devices of the MG series are designed for lifting and/or moving ferromagnetic parts of various geometric shapes, such as metal sheets, pipes, profile and other products weighing from 100 to 3000 kg.

The magnetic load-handling device operation concept

The mode of action of the magnetic grab is to keep metal parts and structures on the surface of the grab by means of the magnetic-field generation. The magnetic field is controlled manually using a lever for closing and opening magnetic lines of force. Thus, magnetic load-handling devices allow to keep products from ferromagnetic materials without risk of falling of a moved cargo.

Implementation of magnetic grabs of the MG series

High service reliability, lack of energy consumption, small overall dimensions and weight in comparison with electromagnetic grabs, simplicity, and convenience in operation cause the widespread use of lifting magnets in the following areas:

  • at manufacturing plants (for example, in the process of laser cutting when making stamps);
  • in mechanical engineering;
  • in port;
  • at wholesale warehouses;
  • when loading and unloading goods on vehicles;
  • in construction;
  • at trading enterprises;
  • at metal warehouses.

The advantages of grabs based on permanent heavy-duty magnets over electromagnetic loading hoists:

  • Magnetic grabs do not consume electricity;
  • The use of magnetic grippers can increase the efficiency, safety and speed of loading and unloading operations;
  • Significantly smaller overall dimensions and mass compared to electromagnets;
  • Simplicity and convenience in operation;
  • High service reliability;
  • Service life is not less than 15 years.
Lifting magnets - foto N2 Lifting magnets - foto N3 Lifting magnets - foto N4

The typical dimensions of lifting magnet of the MG series are given in the table:

Model Marked capacity, (kg) Maximum traction force, (kg) Operational temperature, (°C) Proper weight, (kg)
MG-100 100 335 <80 3
MG-300 300 990 <80 13 
MG-600 600 1980 <80 23 
 MG-1000 1000 3300 <80 44 
MG-2000 2000 6600 <80 93 
MG-3000 3000 9900 <80 180

The curves of the load-lifting capability of the lifting magnet of the MG series:

Кривые грузоподъемных характеристик магнитного грузоподъемного захвата серии МГ

A - MG -100, 300, 600 | B - MG -1000 | C - MG -2000 | D - MG -3000