Grabs - foto N1Effective load engagement: grabs of «Krankomplekt»

Grabs of different versions are used to move loose (crushed rock, gravel, sand, grain, etc.) and lump materials (metal scrap, round timber, pipes, balances, etc.). In Ukraine, special subspecies of clamp-hook are used for digging excavations and deep narrow wells. Due to the simplicity of handling, this subset of clamp practically abolishes manual labor and is indispensable in the task of intensive mechanization of loading-unloading operations. This type of equipment is classified according to the following functional characteristics:

The type of material:

  • two-leaf and bucket grab (work with loose goods);
  • multijaw grab (grip lumpy materials).

Motion trajectory of the jaws:

  • raking up;
  • fossorial.
  • Velocity features and occlusion type:
  • drive (electromotive, hydraulic);
  • cable.

Rope grab bucket is characterized by the absence of a rigid connection between the traverses and the attachment point on the excavator or crane. In the "Krankomplekt" company you can buy a grab with one-, two-, three-, four-rope construction. There are also models with a larger number of ropes.

The driven type is divided into electrohydraulic and motor grabs, either hydraulic or pneumatic. In the first variant, a hydrostatic  is installed directly on the clamshell scoop, in the second one - only operating mechanisms are installed(hydraulic or pneumatic actuators).

The claw feed systems modifications  for their purposiveness

Models for loose goods operate on the bucket penetration and material gripping approach. Jaws may be sometimes equipped with teeth for a confident grip. In the case of lump loads, the grab bucket scoops have the form of grapple forks (two to six petals). The bucket is installed on the tower, bridge and gantry cranes, crane rail and floating platforms, excavators. In the "Krankomplekt" company the following modifications of the clamshell attachment are developed:

  • grain buckets with a volume of 3.5 ... 20 cubic meters;
  • ladles for floating cranes with a carrying capacity of 5 ... 30 tons;
  • clip-on chucks for loading/unloading round wood;
  • multijaw grab bucket for steel and metal warehouses and metal scrap storages;
  • soil grips, etc.

Leave an application now and the specialists of the "Krankomplekt" company will offer you the best bet.

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The finer points of a choic

To buy a grab relying on to its task you need to determine the material type, working conditions, suspension method and type of equipment on which the mechanism is hung. For example, when digging an excavation in restrained urban conditions of Kiev, the installation of a motor grab is assumed on a telescopic boom with the appropriate constructional equipment. This option is fully functional even in a "cramped" environment, allowing to bury the excavation to six meters. If the client has doubts, the specialists of "Krankomplekt" will be happy to provide consulting assistance. Do not doubt: both the functionality and the price of the recommended clamp hook will be optimized for a specific purpose.
        Photo: clamp for logging operations.                                               Photo: grapple for raking

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Video: MADE by ZAVOD KRANKOMPLEKT  motor grab bucket with a volume of 1,6 m3.