Trolley current-conducting wire

Enclosed trolley current-conducting wire

Trolley current-conducting wire - foto

Enclosed trolley current-conducting wire is completed with 4 breaker-less flat copper buses. It has no conjunctions and wirings. Copper buses extend into the plastic housing from the drums due to which they do not have conjunctions of joints and soldering.

Standard current supply systems are produced to 160 A, current supply systems for more than 160A are made to order. Operating temperature range -30, + 60 ºC. The housing of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) system does not sustain combustion. Tires are made of electrolyte copper.

The standard set of the current supply system includes:

  • Housing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) current lead;
  • Copper conductors (buses);
  • Suspended brackets;
  • Connecting clamp;
  • Сurrent supply nodes;
  • Gags;

Current collectors;


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